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Built by Hudswell Clarke as number DM1002.  This Locomotive has a four cylinder water cooled Gardner LW diesel engine producing sixty-eight horse power to its four wheels via a fluid coupling and three speed synchro self shifting gearbox. 

It weighs ten tonnes and is sixteen feet two inches long (4.9m), five feet six inches wide (1.7m) and is eight feet eight inches high (2.6m). 

This locomotive was delivered new to the National Coal Board, Waterloo Main Colliery in 1956 and was numbered NCB 1-44-121.  In June 1967 went to Pelican Engineering for repairs, returning to Waterloo Main in August 1967 (until closure in 1968). It was at the Allerton Bywater Central Workshops in 1970 before moving to the Prince of Wales Colliery. In February 1981 was at the Sharlston Colliery which closed in May 1993 , when the locomotive was moved to Leadhills. 

In October 1996 Nith was transported to Anniesland College, Glasgow for restoration and was returned to Leadhills in June 1998. Since then work has continued fitting the glazing to the cab and checking the air braking system. Nith will be brought into service shortly to give Clyde a welcome break from hauling the passenger trains.