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Built by Ruston and Hornsby Limited in Lincoln as works number 7002/0467/2 and delivered new to Edmund Nuttall Ltd, Leith in September 1966.    This Locomotive has a two cylinder air cooled diesel engine producing thirty-one and one half horse power to its four wheels via a three speed constant mesh gearbox.

It weighs four and a half tonnes (4500kg) and is seven feet six inches long ( approximately 2.3m), three feet two and a quarter inches wide (970mm) and is six feet three inches high (1.9m).

Little Clyde was based at the London depot in June 1970 and was used at the North of Scotland, Hydro Electric Pumped storage project at Foyers in 1971.   Between 1979 and 1980, Little Clyde was used on the Leith Docks contract. In 1983 was moved to Southampton, and, until 1985 was used during the repair of the Main Rail tunnel near the Station.

On 13th November 1987 Little Clyde arrived at Leadhills where it has been painstakingly restored to its original livery.  Little Clyde is often seen hauling works trains containing new track and ballast up to the halt at Glengonnar.