Leadhills Railway logoLeadhills and Wanlockhead Railway

Built by Motor Rail Limited, Simplex Works in Bedford as works number 9792 and delivered new to London Brick Company , King’s Dyke Works, Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire on 3rd March 1955.

This Locomotive has a two cylinder water cooled diesel engine producing twenty / twenty-eight horse power. Originally built as a two foot eleven inch gauge locomotive, it was re-gauged in 1969 to its present two foot gauge.

It weighs two and a half tonnes (2500kg) and is eight feet ten inches long ( approximately 2.7m), four feet eight inches wide (1.4m) and is five feet six inches high (1.7m). 

Elvan started work in the King’s Dyke Works in 1955 and was known as KD7 and later as L114. The tramway was replaced by conveyors in 1969 and Elvan was modified in the Flettons LB3 workshops in Peterborough for use at the LB4 works until closure in 1974. In 1974 the Locomotive was moved to LBC Warboys Works where it was used as a standby locomotive until the works closed in August 1984.

On 13th March 1986 Elvan arrived at Leadhills.